Propagating with Wood's Rooting Compound

Directions for Use

Cuttings should be taken from plants that are thriving and healthy, and should be 3 to 6 inches in length. To find the optimal place to take cuttings, start from a growing tip, move down the plant to find the 4th node. Remove all flower sites and trim the leaves off the 3rd and 4th nodes; leave at least 2 sets of leaves above. Now make the cut from the donor plant mid-way between the 4th and 5th node.

As quickly as possible, dip the cutting into the properly diluted solution of Wood ’s Rooting Compound. Make sure to coat at least one set of nodes. Liquid dips tend to form roots to the depth of the dipping, so control the depth to the desired area of rooting. Dip just long enough to thoroughly wet the base of the cutting. Gently shake off excess solution. Since auxin absorp-tion is instantaneous, we suggest rinsing the cutting to avoid the alcohol base possibly burning the cambium.

Next, place the cutting into a moistened medium, making sure to cover any areas touched by Wood’s. Cover with a clear plastic cover. Mist plants with water once or twice a day to prevent wilting. Roots should begin appearing within 1-3 weeks depending on the plant variety. Once roots are established, remove plas-tic cover and transplant to pots.

Once diluted with water, use the compound within 10-12 hours. Remember: never return the diluted mixture to the concentrate and never dip cuttings directly into the original bottle.