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Earth Science Products

Wood’s Rooting Compound is produced and marketed through Earth Science Products Corporation, a family owned company that began in 1972 in Aurora, Oregon. Today the company is owned and run by Jeff and Clara Jensen. Earth Science Products is a member of the Oregon Nursery Association. For more information, you may contact their friendly staff at 503-896-0572 or visit

Remembering Our Roots


Wood’s Rooting Compound is in its fourth decade of production. Originally developed by Oregon Nursery Association Hall of Fame member Edsal “Ed” Wood, Wood’s Rooting Compound continues to be one of the Professional Nursery Propagators best kept secrets!

Ed Wood was considered a ‘genius’ by colleagues when it came to propagating plants. As owner of Bonsai Village in Aurora, Oregon, Ed was well known as a leader in the nursery industry; he achieved significant recognition for his ground breaking developments with Douglas Fir seedlings. His real love, however, was simply propagating and growing plants.

Wood’s Rooting Compound is so effective because of its unique formulation and is distributed as a liquid concentrate easily diluted for any plant type. From succulent to woody cuttings, the liquid concentrate is diluted to the precise concentration needed. Unlike powders or gels that provide only a single concentration, Wood’s is ideally suited for all cutting types. Ed successfully discovered that his alcohol-based solution completely sanitizes the cuttings from pathogens. So don’t be fooled by similar products – the difference in rooting compounds is the difference in the quality of the formulation and the process.

For many years Wood’s Rooting Compound was known only through professional circles, but word of mouth and viral marketing served to expand its popularity.   Wood’s Rooting Compound is now sold all over the United States, providing a safe, reliable, effective alternative to all other types of competitive stimulants.